I feel very cute right now. I feel good. And refreshed. My first night back home was absolutely wonderful. I got to sleep with the heavy head of a lovely bambi-eyed boy on my shoulder. I got pleasantly drunk. I smoked a lot less than I usually do. And when we had sex it was so perfect and sensual and lovely and our bodies coated in a thin slice of sweat and my legs quivering and the marks he left on my neck and shoulder and the noises he made when I pressed my hands against his throat were all so lovely and perfect. And when we woke up, we laid in bed together until 5:00 p.m. I touched his chest and he played with my hair and we tangled our bodies together and complained and it was lovely. We got cigarettes. We got milk teas. We swung at the park and laid down in the grass and it was very very amazing. I am so glad to be back. And I am so glad to have such a lovely boy. And I am so happy that I’ve done what I have and that I’m actually becoming more of myself again.